Encouragement to My Grandkids whether adopted by love or acquired by blood

Encouragement to my Grandkids

This page is for all my grandkids near or far, whether related by blood or by love to be used as a way to encourage all of you:

March 5, 2013

"I've already had a really crappy day, this better not make it worse."

To all my grandkids whether adopted by love or acquired by blood there are going to be days that are not so good. Whether the next day will just add to that is often up to you. You need to leave tomorrow behind and face every day new. It's not always as easy as "drop yesterday and run fresh into tomorrow" because whether we want it to or not yesterday will follow us sometimes.

Our attitude is the best thing we can use to fight this. We need to look at today and tomorrow in a fresh bright attitude and not drag it down before it even gets here. If we make up our minds ahead of time that it will be a bad day then likely it will just because of your attitude.

There have been days I didn't want to deal with because of the bad things going on in my life so what I do is give my day to God. I live it for God, each time throughout the day I feel the negative tensions start to rise and my attitude going with it I remind myself I gave this day to God so it wasn't mine to live. Therefore I didn't have the right to get upset or anything else because I gave the day to God to live instead of me.

Believe it or not it has helped me many times to get through unpleasant days. Keep your attitude positive, pleasant, and controlled and refuse to accept the negative vibs the world trys to use to ruin your day. Bad things will happen but whether you allow it to shake you up, knock you down, or defeat you is up to you and your attitude.

Love you all!

They Call Me,    Grandma

July 24, 2012

To all my grandkids whether adopted by love or acquired by blood,

The biggest thing that will get you (my grandkids by blood and by love) through life is your attitude and the choices you make. Life is one big choice followed by the consequences of those choices. What you choose today will affect you tomorrow and the day after that and so forth into eternity.

Too often we get into a state of mind where we stop caring. We don’t care what people think. We don’t care what God thinks. We don’t care if we abuse our body today. We don’t care what the rules are. We don’t care what anyone else says or does. We don’t care, we don’t care, we don’t care.

Problem with this is the fact that some day you are going to care and it may be too late. Some day you will care if your teeth are in good condition and you’ll wish that you took care of them better when you were young. Some day you will care that your lungs function better when they are blackened with cancer from smoking. You’ll wish that you never started smoking in the first place. Some day you will care what you said in life when you stand before God and give account for every idle word you ever spoke.

You need to not wait for that “some day” and start caring now for yourselves. Take pride in yourselves, your spelling, your handwriting, the way you dress, the way you behave. The sad part about our society today is they don’t care anymore. They dress like slobs and are proud of it, we have lost our sense of true pride.

There was a time when people took pride to the far extreme and was too prideful of all they did but now we have swung the pendulum over to the other side where there is no pride. We are proud of being slobs, smoking, drinking, being overweight. We claim it as our right to do what we please. We don’t have that right. What we have is the responsibility to take care of what God has entrusted to us and that is our bodies, minds, and souls.

Just like we are to be responsible for caring for the earth we are equally if not more responsible for taking care of the tent God has given us to temporarily live in. Our choices today affect our consequences for tomorrow and for all eternity. You need to care even if it seems like no one else does. You are responsible for you, do a good job!

Seeking God is the best place to start.

In love W.I.T.H. Jesus and all my grandkids whether adopted by love or acquired by blood, I love you all,

They call me, Grandma


May 22, 2012
Wow it’s been a whole year before I offered up some encouragement to my grandkids both near and far, whether related by blood or by love. Shame on me!

My word of encouragement for you today is to keep moving forward. Life has a tendency to try to halt you from making progress in your life. It gets tough at times to the point that you don’t think you can go on any more in the pain and uncertainties.

You look down life’s road and you see no light, every corner you come against you wonder what is on the other side. “What next!!!!?????” becomes a frequently asked question.

When this happens you need to turn to God for the strength and guidance needed to go on. Use God’s scriptures to refuel your strength to keep you going. Never, never, never rely on your own strength or the false strength you think you are getting from alcohol or drugs.

There is a light at the end of life’s tunnel and no it’s not a train, it hasn’t gone out it is still there. It’s a light found in God in the hope He supplies.

You need to hold on to Philippians 4:13 that tells us we can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us.” Thru Christ is the key you need to put in the pocket of your heart and hold on to. It will unlock many doors at the same time close ones you don’t need to be traveling through anyway.

Always remember that Grandma loves you and Jesus does too. Move forward in that hope, hang on to that truth.

                                                        They Call me, Grandma


May 17, 2011
My word of encouragement today is for those kids out there that are really trying to make something of their lives. Good job ACE! I'm proud of you.

Too often we give up on ourselves and figure it’s someone else's job to straighten us out. Boy do we have it wrong. The discipline we received from our parents was intended to keep us going in the right direction until we are able to take over the job ourselves. It’s not an easy task but not everything in life is easy but it’s possible.

It’s possible through Christ to see us through it all. He's not there to get us around it but to walk us through it if we would only learn to let Him doing the leading.

Don’t give up on yourself, don’t give up on God. Keep going forward, backwards has already happened.

It doesn't matter if you've messed things up or accomplished great things you need to keep moving forward. You are loved and treasured and never doubt that. I don't care who you are, its what you are, my grandchildren that makes me love you all as I do.

                                                                       They call me, Grandma

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