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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Forget the Petty, Drop the Pity

Some days in life there are things that are going to bother you. Things that probably wouldn't get to you tomorrow or had an affect on you yesterday could bug you today. The sound of a barking dog, a traffic light not turning quick enough, a cellphone ringing and other things.

On those days we need to learn to forget the petty things such as what was listed and drop the pity we want to feel. The pity that we are having a bad day. Pity that we don't feel good. Pity that everything bad in life that has happened is all our fault. Pity that the world has to be against us.

Not everything that happens does so as a strike against us. They happen because they happen and we need stand strong no matter how we feel and not allow the petty things to get to us as we allow them to blindly lead us where we shouldn't go. 

Therefore let's forget the petty, the little things in life, and drop the pity, the feeling sorry for ourselves. Your day will go better. Your life will go stronger. 

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