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Friday, February 13, 2015

Picture DEES Prayer's Panic Button

The night was coming to a close. The fire pit outside was slowly smoldering out after a warm treat of marshmallows made up in s'mores. The hardest part of the evening was getting the dogs inside who were enjoying the evening country air and the challenge to chase the nearby Farrell cats.

Once inside my granddaughter Brooke noticed the eye of her dog Casper. It was covered with blood. In a panic her and her sister went for their phones to call their mom. After endless tries of not being able to reach her they continued to fear for their dog. 

"Where was mom? Why wasn't she answering her phone?" were questions on their minds. I told them she probably was dealing with something happening at work. A resident may have died or something else happened. "But she's at home not at work," was Brooke's reply. That doesn't matter sometimes I reassured her. 

Finally after a few minutes their mom called. After listening to their cries and fears she told them she had been on the phone with an employee whose grandma had just died. Their mom wasn't trying to shun their silly teenage fears, she wasn't ignoring their cries for mercy and grace for their dog. She got to it when she could without leaving the employee hanging in her despair. 

As things finally settled down I got to thinking about God and the panic 911 calls of prayers we send to Him. It's true not everything is a 911 emergency but when emotions fly so does our panic button sometimes. 

God may not answer immediately but we can rest assure He isn't shunning our silly human fears. He isn't ignoring our cries for mercy and grace. He will get to our prayers in His time without leaving another person down in their own despair.  Such as my friend in Chicago who had her own emergency the night before or myself and others with cancer who seek their own answers and so much more. 

Our job is to cry out to Him and then take our finger off the redial panic button and have a little faith that He heard our prayer, He cares about us, and He will answer as soon as possible. No, not everything is a 911 emergency but everything matters to God and we need to trust in His timing and answers to our prayers. 

Call on God today but leave the panic button alone. He can be trusted, He does hear, He will answer. 

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